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Top 10 AP Stats Exam Review Activities

We are officially closing in on AP Exam Review Season at East Kentwood High School, which means we need to start making our plans for the final weeks before the AP Exam. As we were collecting resources to use in our own classroom, we thought it might be helpful to the community to share out a list of our Top 10 favorites. We hope you will be able to use some of these with your own students.

We reviewed all the recent AP Exams and curated the most important information that students need to know for AP Exam success. The 100 flash cards have been organized into 4 categories (Exploring Data, Sampling/Experiments, Probability, and Inference) and include formulas, definitions, interpretations, and more. Download the pdf and print these for your students, or access the digital version in the Stats Medic AP Exam Review Course.

The Stats Medic Desmos Collection includes a whopping 56 activities, but here we are specifically referencing the ones that were developed to help students prepare for the AP Exam. While some of these activities focus on reviewing content (Describing and Comparing Distributions), there are others that are strategy based (Know Your Formula Sheet).

In this series of 8 review videos, Luke Wilcox and Daren Starnes will take students through a variety of multiple choice and free response questions - all of which are from released AP Exams. There will be students handouts available that teachers can print for students, so they can try the questions before watching the video solutions. The videos will be released on April 22.

In this strategy video, Luke will help students to quickly identify the correct significance test when presented with a scenario (likely FRQ #4 on the AP Exam). For practice with this skill , have students try this Google Form, which is loaded with 20 FRQs from released AP Exams, all of which require a significance test.

In this strategy video, Lindsey will take students through every single calculator function that they might need for the AP Exam. Print copies of the handout that summarizes all these calculator functions and then have students do the practice worksheet - where they don't have to show any work (they only need to identify the calculator function used and the answer.

We all know that AP Stats is just as much about interpreting numbers as it is calculating the numbers in the first place. And there are interpretations all throughout the course. We have collected them all into one single document, including an example of each interpretation in context. Print copies of the Ultimate Interpretations Guide for students and then have them try their own interpretations on the Practice worksheet.

With 5 different confidence intervals and 8 different significance tests covered in AP Stats, it can be easy for students to mix up the conditions, formulas, and calculator functions needed for each inference procedure. We have collected all this information into once single document. We have two versions available - one blank guide and one completely filled in.

This is a prescribed set of exercises designed specifically for review where students start in the first cell, work the problem and then search for their answer. When they find it, they call that cell #2 and continue in this manner until they get back to the beginning (completing the circuit). The 16 questions chosen for this circuit are all likely to show up on the AP Exam in some form.

We call upon the great and mystical O Holistic One to see into the future each year, giving students a glimpse of exactly what's going to show up on the AP Exam. OK, maybe not, but it sure is fun to make some guesses. Share these predictions with your students and ask them to make their own. These are typically released about one week before the AP Exam in a blog post.

Year after year, our own students tell us that this was the #1 most valuable resource they used to help them get ready for the AP Stats Exam. The Review Course includes content review videos, practice MCs and FRQs, a full practice exam and more. Consider getting your whole class signed up!

Best of luck to you and your students on the AP Exam this year!!!

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