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Get ahead of the curve with the Stats Medic AP Statistics Exam Review Course, taught by high school teachers Lindsey Gallas and Luke Wilcox. In their tenure at East Kentwood High School, Lindsey and Luke have helped over 700 students tackle the AP Statistics Exam with an amazing success rate. Much of this student success is the result of a proper AP Exam Review, which has now been packaged to help your students prepare for the AP Statistics Exam. Informed by many years of grading AP Statistics Exams, the Stats Medics have built this comprehensive, online course to give your students
the confidence to dominate the AP Statistics exam.

Review includes

  • 30+ instructional videos reviewing the entire AP Statistics curriculum, organized into 7 units.

  • 100+ AP Exam Tips that will help you maximize your score.

  • Practice multiple choice questions for each unit, with immediate feedback.

  • Practice free response questions for each unit, with instructions on how to grade using a rubric.

  • 8 videos covering released College Board AP Exam free response questions and the rubrics used to grade them.

Also included for 2022!

  • Full Diagnostic Exam

  • Full Practice Exam

  • 6 strategy videos!

    • Using Your Calculator on the AP Stats Exam

    • Name That Significance Test

    • How to CRUSH the AP Stats Free Response

    • Top 10 AP Stats Exam Tips

    • Know the AP Stats Formula Sheet

    • How to Tackle the Investigative Task


Check out a sneak peek of the videos and some ideas on how to use the Review Course with your whole class. Also consider what Josh Tabor and Anthony Marble have to say about using the Review Course with their students.

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