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Stats Medic Desmos AP Exam Review Activities

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

This time of year, many AP Statistics teachers begin to transition from daily instruction towards full-course review. The Stats Medic Desmos Activity Collection now includes seven AP Statistics review activities you can share with your students in the weeks leading up to the AP Exam. Several of these activities are also embedded into the Stats Medic AP Exam Review Online Course.

Here are some features you will discover as you explore the review collection:

  • Each of the activities includes released AP free response items, with helpful exam tips based on the College Board rubrics.

  • Many of the activities feature self-checking prompts, and opportunities for students to compare their work to model solutions.

  • The activities are designed to be self-contained individual experiences for students – no teacher pacing or pausing is needed. Some if the activities do include suggestions if a teacher would like to work through the activity as a real-time classroom experience.

The activities were developed specifically for helping students to improve their AP Exam score. As such, students will not only consider solutions to statistical questions, but also consider how to craft solutions which demonstrate statistical thinking and use available resources to their advantage.

We hope your students find these activities helpful as they review for the AP Stats exam!

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