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AP Daily: Practice Sessions - New Videos Coming for 2024!

Updated: Apr 25

Since 2020, the College Board has supported AP Stats teachers and students with end-of-the-year videos that are released on YouTube and in AP Classroom. While the length and format has changed from year to year, the goal has been the same:

To prepare students with the content understanding and practice needed to be successful on the AP Stats Exam.

For 2024, the goal will be the same, and it will be called AP Daily: Practice Sessions just as it was last year. But don't worry, the videos are all new, with no repeated questions from previous videos. In fact, almost every question in the 2024 series is a released AP Exam item from 2021 or newer.

AP Daily: Practice Sessions - The Details

Here are the QuickNotes

  • Each video will be around 15 minutes, with a laser focus on practice multiple choice and free response questions.

  • All questions used in the videos are from previous AP Exams or College Board released materials.

  • There will be eight videos, led by Stats Medic Luke Wilcox and AP Stats legend Daren Starnes.

  • All Sessions will be released on YouTube and AP Classroom on April 22.

  • Each session will have a downloadable pdf of the questions. These documents will become available on YouTube and AP Classroom as soon as the videos are released. We will add links below when they become available.

  • The intention is that students try these problems first before watching the videos.

Here is the breakdown of what will be covered in the 8 sessions.

How to Use the Videos in Your Classroom

Option 1: Do the practice questions and videos in class.

Once the videos are published on April 22, there will also be a link to download a pdf of the questions. Make copies for students and give them class time to try the problems first. Then watch the videos as a whole class so that students can check their work.

Option 2: Assign the practice questions for homework. Watch the videos in class.

Print the pdf of the questions and give to students as a homework assignment. Watch the video for those questions in the first 15 minutes of class the next day.

Option 3: Have students do the practice questions and videos at home.

In this scenario, students have the option of printing the pdfs or they can pause the videos each time a new question is presented, try the problem on their own, then hit "play" to check their work.

Videos From Previous Years

  • Luke Wilcox and Daren Starnes

  • 8 videos each year

  • 15 minute sessions

  • MC, FRQ practice + light content review

  • Short beard

  • Luke Wilcox and Daren Starnes

  • 8 videos each year

  • 45 minute sessions

  • MC, FRQ practice + content review + AP Exam strategies

  • Medium beard

  • Luke Wilcox and Brendan Murphy

  • 37 videos

  • Content review + AP Exam prep

  • Large beard

Need More Practice Questions and Videos?

The Stats Medic Review Course has hundreds of multiple choice and free response questions that cover all the content needed for the AP Stats exam. Students get immediate feedback as they work through questions and the course even includes specific videos explaining the rubrics that are used to grade the free response questions on the AP Exam.

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Unknown member
Mar 27

Similar to last year, would you be able to post ahead of time which past FRQ questions will be covered in this year's AP Daily Practice Sessions?

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