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We’re very excited to introduce our library of lesson videos! Each video takes students asynchronously through a Stats Medic AP Stats lesson. Students are still able to engage in the Experience First, Formalize Later model even when they’re not in a classroom!

Subscribe now for $29 a month to get
access to the library of lesson videos
How are Teachers Using the Video Subscription?

1. To prepare for teaching the lessons
2. To flip the classroom
3. To support remote, absent, or struggling students
4. To help a substitute teacher if you are absent
5. To finish a lesson when you run out of time

So What Types of Teachers Can Use These Videos?


Fully Remote: We’d like to make one thing very clear; we are NOT trying to replace the live instruction that you are able to do remotely with students! We firmly believe that being able to give synchronous instruction remotely to students is the best way to go. However, we know that teaching synchronously everyday may not feasible or even allowed by your school. These videos can help you by supplementing your live instruction, especially if you are finding yourself with fewer instructional days this year.


Hybrid: Many teachers, ourselves included, are finding themselves in the situation where they are responsible for instructing both their face-to-face and remote students simultaneously. This is where we think these lesson videos will be most powerful. They will allow teachers to be able to teach an EFFL lesson in-person to the students at school, and the remote students can be assigned the same lesson video on the same day! No schedule jigsaw puzzle! Every student gets the same lesson on the same day!


Face-to-face: If you are currently teaching all or the majority of your students face-to-face, no doubt you are concerned that any morning you might get the notification that you, your students, or the whole school will be required to stay home. Whether it’s all of your students who have to go remote or just one, you can share these videos with them immediately, allowing you to not lose any of those valuable instructional days.


How do I share these videos with my students?


When you subscribe, your current Stats Medic membership will be updated to grant you access to the video library. Next, you will receive an email with specific instructions on how to get all of your students access. Each student will have to create a Stats Medic account using a special link that we will send you. This allows students to join the subscription without being charged. Once your students have created their accounts, they will have access to the videos. We’d recommend that you post direct links to assigned lessons on your Learning Management System (i.e. Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, etc.).


What’s the cost to subscribe?


The cost to gain access to the full library of videos is $29 per month per teacher. This cost includes free access for each of their students. This subscription can be added or canceled at any time which provides you with some much needed flexibility this year!

If your school or district is paying (we take purchase orders), please request a quote for a full year of access.


Can I download the videos?


No, you are not able to download the videos. In order to share the videos with your students, you can share a direct page link that will take them directly to the video they need to view. Students will need to be logged in to their Stats Medic account in order to view the video.


Can I see any of the videos before I subscribe?

Yes! The first 5 videos of the course are available for preview. Click the button below to check them out.

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