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Calculator Functions for the AP Stats Exam

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Throughout the school year, we’ve covered tons of different calculator functions. Wouldn't it be nice to have a complete list all in one place?

Voila! We’ve created this summary document to remind you of all the calculator functions you might need for the AP Stats Exam. The document includes the name of each function, the key strokes used to get to it, when to use it, and what to input.

Want to see what it will actually look like in your calculator? Check out this video and we'll walk you through everything. This video is part of the Stats Medic AP Statistics Exam Review Course.

Calculator Function Practice Worksheet

When you're done watching the video, try the Calculator Function Practice worksheet. Each question on this worksheet can be done completely with just your calculator.

Activity: Calculator Functions for the AP Stats Exam

Activity: DOCX / PDF

Answer Key: PDF

When Should Students Use the Calculator on the AP Exam?

There are two places where using the calculator provides a distinct advantage:

(1) Multiple choice.

Often, a calculator function can save you time here. There is no need to write out the formula for a binomial calculation or the z-score for a significance test for the difference of proportions. Simply punch the right numbers in the calculator to find your answer quickly.

(2) Check answers on the free response.

In general, writing out the calculator commands is not going to be enough for full credit on the AP Exam. Writing out the correct formula and calculations is the best practice for clearly communicating your understanding. But you should always check your answers with the calculator functions. In the event where you end up using the calculator command as your work, be sure to label any arguments you are using on the calculator.

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