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Name That Significance Test

Updated: Mar 22

It's the end of the year and you are trying to get ready for the AP Statistics Exam. You know that one of the free response questions is going to be a full significance test. How do you choose the right test? We have some great strategies to help you pick the right one.

This video is part of the official Stats Medic AP Stats Exam Review Course. Download the flowchart from this video:

Video: Name That Significance Test

Skeleton notes : DOCX / PDF

How do I know which free response question is asking for a full significance test?

1. Paragraph of context followed by a full blank page

Writing up a full significance test requires a lot of writing, so the AP Exam writers are going to be sure to provide you with a lot of space. Most often, this question is going to be one part only (paragraph) but there have been a few that have one quick question before or after the significance test.

2. Most often the significance test is free response question # 4

This has been true for the last three AP Statistics exams.

3. "Do the data provide convincing statistical evidence..."

This is the most clear giveaway. All of the most recent AP Statistics Exams have used exactly this wording.

Now, which test do I choose?

Easy...just follow this flowchart. Download it here.

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12 de abr.

I love this flow chart! Do you have any handouts that students can use to practice?

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