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The Stats Medic Ultimate Interpretations Guide for AP Statistics

Updated: May 9, 2023

Every year in AP Stats, we emphasize to our students the importance of being able to interpret what statistical values mean. Right away in Unit 1, we have interpretations for standard deviation, z-scores, and percentiles. The list grows quickly with the interpretations in Unit 2: slope, y-intercept, correlation, residual, correlation coefficient, and many more. By the end of the year, some students feel overwhelmed by how many interpretations we have covered.

However, we know that interpretations are a core part of AP Statistics exam questions every year - and a slight mistake in word choice could downgrade their answer. We have found the best solution for many of these mistakes is for them to not only be aware of all of the interpretations they need to know, but also the best way to write them to match the rubrics.

To help them out, we put all of these sentence frames in one place along with an example in context to show them how to use it on our Stats Medic Ultimate Interpretations Guide.

DOWNLOAD: Stats Medic Ultimate Interpretations Guide

Of course students need practice in order to get proficient with all these interpretations. In this practice worksheet, we chose the interpretations that we think are most likely to show up on the AP Exam. Here is how we suggest using this with your students:

  1. Before giving them the guide with examples, give them the practice to try first in pairs or small groups. They must rely only on what they remember (no looking back through notes!).

  2. Give students the guide with examples. Have them use this guide to go back and make refinements to their original work.

  3. Show the practice answer key so students can make any further refinements.

DOWNLOAD: Stats Medic Ultimate Interpretations Guide - Practice


Answer Key

How to Use the Stats Medic Ultimate Interpretations Guide

  1. Refer to it throughout the course. At the end of every unit, have students use this guide to reflect on the major interpretations they learned. They should work to get their interpretations as close to these as possible.

  2. Use it for AP Exam Review. Interpretation questions can be found on both the multiple choice and free response sections of the AP Exam. Having students study the Ultimate Interpretations Guide is a sure way to improve AP scores.

The Stats Medic Ultimate Interpretations Guide is one of the many resources available as part of the Stats Medic AP Stats Exam Review Course.

A huge thank you to the Stats Medic Teacher Community for help in revising and refining these documents.

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Unknown member
Feb 26, 2023

This is AWESOME! I see that the standard error for slope is included but you may want to add standard error of the sample proportion or mean... another thing I've seen come up in the past is the interpretation for conditions (i.e. not just checking conditions but explaining why it's important for the independence or Normal condition to be met)... just a thought 😉

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