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Stats Medic AP Statistics Flash Cards

Updated: Apr 20

We recently surveyed our students about the strategies they have used in other AP classes to get prepared for the AP Exam. Most of what we heard was totally expected: reviewing content, doing practice problems, and learning about College Board rubrics.

When we asked about best ways to review content, many students commented that this was often overwhelming. How do you "study" the content that took an entire year to learn? What they said they wanted was a curated list of the most important concepts.

How about the 100 most important content items you need to know for the AP Stats exam!!!

About the Stats Medic Flash Cards

This is exactly how we designed the Stats Medic Flash Cards. We reviewed all the recent AP Exams and curated the most important information that you need to know for AP Exam success. The 100 flash cards have been organized into 4 categories (Exploring Data, Sampling/Experiments, Probability, and Inference) and include formulas, definitions, interpretations, and more.

These flash cards are also available in a digital format as part of the Stats Medic AP Exam Review Online Course. They work great on a laptop or on a phone.

How to Use the Stats Medic Flash Cards

  1. To Review for a Chapter or Unit Test. Remember, the flash cards are organized into four categories (Exploring Data, Sampling/Experiments, Probability, and Inference) so you could use subsets of the flash cards to help students get ready for assessments throughout the school year.

  2. To Review for a Midterm Exam or Final Exam. For the midterm exam, use the Exploring Data, Sampling/Experiments, and Probability cards. For the final exam, toss in the remaining inference cards.

  3. RECOMMENDED: To Get Ready for the AP Exam. These flash cards were designed with a laser focus on the AP Exam, so we really feel this is the best way to use the Stats Medic Flash Cards.

Suggestions for Printing

  • We suggest using a light cardstock rather that printer paper.

  • Get these laminated if you can. Our amazing librarian at East Kentwood High School did this for us.

  • Don't waste your own time cutting these out. Have students do it!


For teachers using TI-83/TI-84 calculators

For teachers using TI-nspire calculators

For teachers using NumWorks calculators

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