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Predictions for the 2024 AP Statistics Exam

It's crazy to believe that this will be our 8th year of officially making AP Exam Predictions on Stats Medic. Over the years, we have certainly made some good guesses, but we have also made some bad ones (there was no chi-square test on last year's exam!). We will now call upon O HOLISTIC ONE to tell us what is coming for the 2024 AP Statistics Exam.

Now without a doubt, we know that O HOLISTIC ONE will get some predictions correct and some totally wrong. So let's just have some fun with the guesses!

**DISCLAIMER: We have absolutely no insider information for any of these predictions. Proceed with caution.**

DOWNLOAD: Stats Medic AP Exam Predictions Blank - WORD | pdf

DOWNLOAD: Stats Medic AP Exam Predictions 2024 Completed - pdf


Recall that the College Board released the new Course and Exam Description (CED) in summer of 2019. The 2020 exam was the modified at-home COVID exam, so the 2021 Exam, 2022 Exam, and 2023 Exam are the only true full-length exams since the release of the CED. O HOLISTIC ONE leaned heavy on these three exams to help inform predictions here. He provided us with his notes:

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Looking for Last Minute Review?

Students, if you are interested in doing some crunch-time review for the AP Stats Exam, consider using the Stats Medic Review Course. Sign up for immediate access to the entire course, where you can pick and choose to review the topics you need the most help with.

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