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Testing a Claim about a Mean Difference

Chapter 9 - Day 9 - Lesson 9.6

Learning Targets
  • Use the four-step process to perform a significance test about a mean difference.

  • Determine whether you should use two-sample t procedures for inference or one-sample t procedures for inference in a given setting.

Activity: Does memory training help? Part 2.
Answer Key:

In lesson 9.5 we did an experiment to see if there was a difference between two memory strategies.  We found the quizzing strategy helped students to remember more because the interval we found was (-,-).  Your students may have had different results.  We’re going to use the data from our experiment in lesson 9.5 to run a significance test instead.  No matter which strategy was better for the students, you should get the same results from the significance test.  Be sure to point this out to students.

Because we’ve already gone through all the formulas needed for matched pairs and have done one sample ­t tests many times, encourage students to complete the entire activity without help.

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