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Chapter 9 Review

Chapter 9 - Day 12

Activity: Gallas or Wilcox: Which class is better at sports? The finale.
Answer Key:

At the beginning of chapter 9 we collected data in the gym shooting free throws and throwing footballs.  Today we are going to analyze it to see which class is better! You will need to edit the activity page to add in your classes data.  Students will work through 6 four-step problems for 3 different sets of data.  First, students will analyze the free throw data from each class to see if one of the classes is better.  They will make a confidence interval and then run a significance test.  For the next scenario they will compare the mean throw length from the good arm from each class.  Again, they’ll make a confidence interval and do a significance test.  Last, they will analyze the difference in throw length from the good arm and bad arm.  This will require them to do a matched pairs confidence interval and significance test.

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