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Chapter 9 Intro: Data Collection

Chapter 9 - Day 1

Activity: Gallas or Wilcox: Which class is better at sports?

Chapter 9 is about two sample significance tests.  We begin the chapter by collecting some data… in the gym!  Each student will shoot free throws and throw a football (or a basketball) with both their left and right arm.  We want to compare our classes to each other to see which class is better at it.  If you are the only Intro Stats teacher you could compare your different classes or if you don’t have more than one, you can use our class data.  This activity will require more set up than normal to make sure that everything runs smoothly.  Taking 32 students to go shoot free throws and throw footballs can be a little daunting, but with some extra prep, it should go really well.

The Setup:

Free Throws: You’ll want to have at least 2 areas set up for free throws.  Each student will need to shoot 3 free throws and track how many they make.


Long Throw:  Students will be throwing a football or a basketball, whatever you prefer.  Basketballs bounce nicer so you may have fewer injured bystanders that way.  Students need to throw two times, once with their right and once with their left arm.  They should record the distance the ball flew until it first hit the ground.  To make this as efficient as possible, before bringing your class down set up a throwing area.  Using masking type label every 10 feet from the spot they will throw.  Assign at least 3 students to stand along the route to call off the distance where the ball landed.  They can approximate between the markings.  The farthest throw we had was 87 feet so plan accordingly.

Once all the data is collected, return to the classroom to compile the data and complete the activity page.  Make sure to take a picture of the class data to use during the finale activity.

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