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Quiz: Lesson 1.6 to 1.9

Chapter 1 - Day 14

The Quiz

A major goal with the quizzes is to make them as similar to the test as possible.  Quizzes should be formative in that they should tell us where the student is at on the path to the test.  This means the quizzes should be an accurate reflection of how they will do on the test.  Also, we give the students back their quizzes a couple days before the test so they can use them to study.

Much like the first quiz, we had multiple choice and free response questions.  So far the students have had the hardest time adjusting to the multiple choice questions.  They’ve done pretty well on the free response.  We expected this.  Next week we will do some multiple choice practice on one of the review days.  This should be helpful for students.  The only way they will get better at the multiple choice is to practice so try to give them as many opportunities as you can.

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