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Syllabus and Pepsi Activity

Chapter 1 - Day 2


Went through the syllabus today. Made sure to emphasize the importance of statistics for each of our lives. I also made sure to note that this is a college prep class. I revealed to the students that we would be using Ipads instead of calculators and students seem excited about this plan.

Activity: 1 in 6 Wins
Answer Key:

This activity is a great way to introduce the course. It is accessible for students at all levels, yet it contains some thinking and ideas that are fundamental to introductory statistics (null hypothesis, P-value, making decisions using data). This activity also gets students thinking about the definition of probability as the long run proportion of times that something would occur. I really liked having an Activity where students are doing something (rolling dice, collecting data, making dotplots) to set the tone for the class. We want this class to be one where students are often doing rather than just sitting being sponges.  Here is the dotplot my class came up with after many simulations.

We hope to come back to this activity at the end of the course when students have all of the vocabulary and knowledge to do it justice.

We'll work through the back page of this activity tomorrow. Everything takes longer at the beginning of the year so we didn't want to cram too much in. 

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