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Review Day

Chapter 1 - Day 13

Chapter 1 Big Ideas
Answer Key:

Due to schedule changes (Homecoming week, assemblies, etc.) we had a shortened day so we decided to do a little review for the quiz tomorrow.  This worked out nicely because we are expecting that chapter 1 could be one of the lowest in terms of grades because it can take students a little time to adjust to statistics.  Statistics is very different from algebra 2 which is where most of our students are coming from.  It is really important to emphasize to students that they will need to study before quizzes and tests.  Many students do not study much for a math class, but as we have told them over and over, statistics is NOT a math class.  It is a statistics class where we happen to do a little math.

Because of this, it is really important to model to students how should study.  We made a Chapter 1 Big Ideas page.  It lists all the big ideas with basic explanations, interpretations and important things to remember.  This was really helpful for students.  Many turned it into flash cards or had a friend quiz them over it. It also gave them a nice check list to make sure they had looked over everything when they studied.

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