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Chapter 1 Review

Chapter 1 - Day 15

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There were a few student misconceptions that were exposed on the 1.6 to 1.9 quiz:

  • When calculating a percentile, it is the percent of values less than a given value and not the percent of values less than or equal to a given value.

  • Students struggle with the idea of standard deviation when looking at a graph (like a histogram).

  • Students struggled with interpretations (see Day 17 as a response to this). Students are used to math classes that simply ask them to calculate and are not yet comfortable with having to interpret the values that they get.

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In an attempt to get students communicating with each other about statistics, we paired them up.  In their pairs, they had to compare their answers for #1-10 on the Chapter Review.  They then had to agree on an answer for each question and create an answer sheet to be handed in.   We told them that this answer sheet was going to be graded for correctness so they would need to have some good discussion before committing to an answer.  We heard some great discussion amongst students during this activity.

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