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Multiple Choice Practice

Multiple Choice Practice

Multiple Choice Practice

Chapter 1 - Day 16


Since we know that our Chapter 1 test is going to have several multiple choice questions, we wanted to get our students practicing these types of questions.  We used the first 11 questions from the Chapter 1B test.  Students first worked for 15 minutes individually to try these problems.  Then they had 10 minutes to discuss in pairs and come to agreement on their answers.  Then we had students submit their answers to a Google form.

Remind and Google Forms

Our students were already set up in a class at  We used Remind to send students a link to a Google Form where they would submit their Multiple Choice answers.

The Google Form allows you to quickly aggregate the class data to see where students might be struggling.  On the Google Form, use “Summary of Responses” to get this:

Obviously question #3 had some disagreement and we wanted to discuss it as a class.  The Google Form also allows you to see the incorrect answers that students are giving.  It is often more informative on a Multiple Choice question to know why one of the choices is incorrect.

Here are the overall class results:

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