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Stats Medic Wrapped 2022

Updated: Aug 29

After a few crazy years in education, we really feel like 2022 started feeling approximately Normal. While the pandemic had slowed the growth of AP Stats at East Kentwood High School, we are now back to having Large Counts. We hope you all are noticing similar trends at your schools.

As always, we continue to be so grateful to be part of this amazing community. Thank you for continuing to support each other as we all grow to become better stats teachers.

Here is a summary of all that happened at Stats Medic in 2022.



Totals for 2022 - We Love Stats!

Number of new StatsMedic members: 44,164

Number of pageviews: 8,435,314

Current number of teachers in our Facebook group: 4,558

Current number of Twitter followers: 2,542

Current number of Instagram followers: 1,259

Top 5 Lessons of 2022

  1. Does Beyonce Write Her Own Lyrics?

  2. Guess the Mystery Proportion

  3. What was the Average for the Chapter 6 Test?

  4. How Much Do Fans Love Justin Timberlake?

  5. What is the Proportion of Orange Reese's?

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2022

  1. Stats Medic Skeleton Notes for AP Daily Videos

  2. Stats Medic AP Statistics Flash Cards

  3. AP Daily: Live Review for AP Statistics

  4. Stats Medic Desmos AP Exam Review Activities

  5. Trick or Treat: A Stats Lesson for Halloween

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