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Lesson Plans for CED Unit 7: Inference for Means

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Students have just completed a unit on inference for proportions. This unit is quite parallel, but instead covering inference for means. Just as in the previous unit, we will start with confidence intervals and then move into significance tests.

If you are using TPS 4e, 5e, or Classic 6e and are not planning on following the sequence in the CED, you can simply use the sequence in our 150 Days of AP Stats. This sequence will cover everything in the CED (just in a slightly different sequence).

If you are using TPS 6e UPDATE or want to use the new sequence of topics in the CED, here is your plan:

Lesson Plans for CED Unit 7

Part 1: Confidence Intervals for Means

Chapter 10 in TPS 6e UPDATE

Day 3: Quiz 10.1

Day 6: Quiz 10.2

Day 7: Review

Day 8: Chapter 10 Test

Part 2: Significance Tests for Means

Chapter 11 in TPS 6e UPDATE

Day 2: Quiz 11.1

Day 6: Quiz 11.2

Day 7: Review

Day 8: Chapter 11 Test

Next up will be inference for categorical variables - chi square tests (CED Unit 8)!

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Luke Wilcox
Luke Wilcox
Feb 25, 2020

szorn...if you covered sampling distributions for difference of means in Unit 5, you could skip Day 3 of Chapter 11, but we still like doing this activity because it gets students thinking inferentially (using a simulation to estimate a P-value).


Feb 24, 2020

I'm noticing that there's a lesson on sampling distribution for a difference in means in the significance tests day 3. Is this on purpose or if we covered this in the new unit 5 can we skip?


Luke Wilcox
Luke Wilcox
Feb 17, 2020 this standard is NOT found in the new College Board CED.


Unknown member
Feb 17, 2020

Do we still need to find sample size when doing confidence intervals for a mean?

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