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Lesson Plans for CED Unit 6: Inference for Proportions

Updated: Sep 12

All right, it's time to start the most important topic in statistics: Inference (confidence intervals and significance tests). This is what we've been working towards all year!

Let's take a moment and recap where students have been before this. Before starting this unit, students should have an understanding of Unit 5: Sampling Distributions for both one and two samples. They have learned about the sampling distributions for both proportions and for means.

In CED Unit 6, we will be using their knowledge of the sampling distributions for proportions and extending it into inference.

This unit covers inference for proportions ONLY (no means). Inference for means will come next in CED Unit 7. If you're a new teacher, make sure to double check the sequence in your text against the CED. In an earlier blog post, we explained what the newly proposed instructional sequence in the College Board AP Statistics Course and Exam Description (CED) entails.

If you are using TPS 4e, 5e, or Classic 6e and are not planning on following the sequence in the CED, you can simply use the sequence in our 150 Days of AP Stats. This sequence will cover everything in the CED (just in a slightly different sequence).

If you are using TPS 6e UPDATE or want to use the new sequence of topics in the CED, here is your plan:

Lesson Plans for CED Unit 6

Part 1: Confidence Intervals for Proportions

Chapter 8 in TPS 6e UPDATE

Day 1: What is a Confidence Interval? (TPS Lesson 8.1 Day 1) NEW LESSON

Day 2: What is a Confidence Level? (TPS Lesson 8.1 Day 2) UPDATED LESSON

Day 3: Quiz 8.1

Day 4: Confidence Intervals for Proportions (TPS Lesson 8.2 Day 1)

Day 5: The Four Step Process for Confidence Intervals (TPS Lesson 8.2 Day 2)

Day 6: Quiz 8.2

Day 7: Confidence Intervals for a Difference in Proportions (TPS Lesson 8.3) NEW LESSON

Day 8: Review

Day 9: Chapter 8 Test

Part 2: Significance Tests for Proportions

Chapter 9 in TPS 6e UPDATE

Day 1: Introduction to Significance Tests

Day 2: What is a Significance Test? (TPS Lesson 9.1 Day 1)

Day 3: Significance Tests about a Proportion (TPS Lesson 9.2 Day 1)

Day 4: The Four Step Process for Significance Tests (TPS Lesson 9.2 Day 2)

Day 5: Quiz 9.1 - 9.2

Day 6: Significance Tests about a Difference in Proportions (TPS Lesson 9.3 Day 1) UPDATED LESSON

Day 7: The Four Step Process for Significance Tests for a Difference in Proportions (TPS Lesson 9.3 Day 2) NEW LESSON

Day 8: Quiz 9.3

Day 9: Type 1 and Type 2 Error (TPS Lesson 9.1)

Day 10: Power (TPS Lesson 9.2)

Day 11: Review

Day 12: Chapter 9 Test

Next up: Inference for means (CED Unit 7)! We'll be following the same pattern used with proportions. Lessons will be added in a blog post as soon as they're ready!

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