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Quiz 5.1 to 5.4

Chapter 5 - Day 7

Before quizzing, we had students fill out the Chapter 5 Big Ideas.  They can fill out all of the ideas up through “Standard deviation of a Binomial”.

Overall the quiz went fine.  All the binomial questions went really well.  The BINS acronym was helpful when deciding if a scenario was binomial.  Students did well with the binomial calculations also.  We think this is because we spent so much time coming up with the formula in Three Shots.  It was introduced in algebra 2 as well.  They had no problem with the mean or standard deviation of a binomial distribution either.

Where they did have confusion was with the probability distributions that were not binomial.  Students wanted to use the binomial formulas with problems that did not need it.  For example, on a question asking P(X>3) and the probabilities were already given in a table, many students still calculated P(X=3) using the binomial theorem.  They also used mean = n × p with distributions that were not binomial.

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