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Chapter 5 Review

Chapter 5 - Day 14

Activity: Normal Distribution Foldable

Today we are practicing normal distribution calculations. Students haven’t had any issues with calculating z-scores and looking up the area to the left in table A. The hardest part of normal distribution calculations is deciding what to do with the areas found using table A.  To help with this, we always have the students draw a picture for every picture.  On quizzes and tests we even make the picture worth points.  There are 4 different types of problems: area to the left, area to the right, area between two scores, and find the score given an area.  We made a foldable to show each type of problem.

Intro Day 75 A.jpg
Intro Day 75 B.jpg

We began by showing the students how to make the foldable.  We made a pretty basic one with 4 tabs and drew each problem type on the tabs.  Students then worked in groups to fill in notes, tips or steps for solving each type of problem.  We like the idea of having students do the work to complete the foldable.  It gives them another opportunity to study but also helps them to think about how to generalize their methods.  Examples from one group are shown. 

Teaching Tip:

Students had the most trouble with finding a score from a given area.  You may want to go over this with students to make sure they have written their notes correctly.

Intro Day 75 C.jpg
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