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Chapter 5 Review Day

Chapter 5 - Day 13

Activity: Chapter 5 Midterm Review Frame and Big Ideas
Answer Key:
Frame Review:

We spent the beginning of the hour going over quiz 5.5 to 5.7.  After this we returned quiz 5.1 to 5.4 to the students so they could use it to study.  We asked students to spend a few minutes looking over the first quiz to refresh their memories.  They had taken that quiz before winter break so it had been over 3 weeks since they had seen it.  We knew we should spend extra time reviewing that material because of this so we decided to do a full chapter review FRAME.  As you will see in our midterm review, we’ve created a FRAME for each chapter that covers the main topics from the chapter.  We completed chapter 5 today to help prepare students for the test, as well as the exam.  We will go over chapters 1-4 next week.

Intro Day 74.jpg

Explain to your students that while the FRAME covers the majority of what is on the exam from chapter 5, it does not cover everything that is on the test! They should still go back and study their quizzes, notes and Chapter 5 Big Ideas.

Even if the chapter had not been split up by a break, we still would have done the chapter 5 FRAME on this day.  It was a great way to study and allowed us to save a midterm exam review day.

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