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Quiz 12.2

Chapter 12 - Day 6

Students Struggled With…
  • Deciding which Chi-Square procedure should be used for the given problem. 

  • Being able to calculate the Chi-Square statistic. 

  • Remembering that for Large Counts, all expected values need to be greater than or equal to 5. Students often put 10 based on the work we had done in the past units. 

  • Have the students keep practicing this skill! This website that allows students to practice choosing the correct inference procedure. The flow chart provided here could be used a good guide to help students make their selections.

  • These calculations can be time consuming by hand and leave a lot of room for errors. Consider having students do some practice solely with the calculator to allow it to do the heavy lifting.

  • Emphasize that now these "expected counts" are applying to several different categories. We want each individual category to have enough data. 

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