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Chapter 12 Review

Chapter 12 - Day 7

Activity: Coincidence or Murder?
Answer Key:

We seriously love this lesson. It has gone amazing every time we done it. Students get so engaged and have awesome ideas and discussions. You’ll need to start by telling the students about Kristen Gilbert. She is a nurse who works at a veterans hospital. She’s considered to be a highly skillful nurse. Then, her coworkers started noticing that it seemed like a lot of patients were dying when she was working. So they reported her and she was charged with murder. Give the students page 1 only!!! Tell the students to read the portion of the article given and to answer and discuss the questions in their groups. Give them plenty of time to discuss this. After a bit, open it up to a class discussion. Ask students what additional information they would like. They should want to know the total number of deaths at the hospital and how many she was or was not there for. “How convenient,” I say, “I just so happen to have that.” (Source: UCLA) Hand out page 2. Let students work in their groups to analyze the data using any method they want. Make sure you tell the kids No spoilers for the later classes.

Venn Diagram: Three Chi-square Tests

Have students create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the three different chi-square tests they learned in this chapter. It may seem simple but there are a lot of qualities to each test that students need to keep straight. This is a great review with no prep needed for you!

Categorizing Statistics Problems

We have now covered many different inference procedures. Students have to be able to choose the correct inference procedure for different settings. This website that allows students to practice choosing the correct inference procedure. Uncheck the procedures we don’t know yet (prediction intervals, and 1-way ANOVA), press Submit, and have fun!

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