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Chapter 10 Review

Chapter 10 - Day 7

Activity: Chapter 10 Formula Review
Answer Key:

You can add to this page throughout the chapter or do it at the end of the chapter. We worked on it at the end as a review. Show the students the significance test boxes that will be blank until the next chapter. Students filled in as much of the table as they could from memory by themselves for a few minutes. Then they traded their page with a neighbor and filled in anything they could with a different color pen.

4-step White Board Critique

For the remainder of our time we had students doing some practice problems to make sure we continued to catch any errors in their work before the assessment. You can pull problems from your textbook or pick some straight forward past FRQ problems from here. 

  1. Assign students a 4-step problem to work on in pairs.

  2. Monitor the room to support student learning. As each pair finishes, send them to the white board to write up 1 of the steps STATE, PLAN, DO, or CONCLUDE. The first two pairs should handle the PLAN and the DO because they take the longest to write up.

  3. Once all 4 steps are on the board, call the class back together as a group. Ask them to critique the solution on the board as if it were a quiz or test question. Make any revisions with a red marker. This is your opportunity to make clear your expectations for a 4-step problem on an assessment.

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