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Quiz 10.1

Chapter 10 - Day 3

Students Struggled With…
  • Remembering to use t* instead of z*. Several students defaulted to seeing "95%" and using a critical value of 1.96. 

  • Using various types of displays to check and see if conditions are met. We gave them a variety of displays that informed of if the sample looks approximately normal and what the sample size was. 

  • We got pretty good of always asking the students for each condition"what does it let us do?". We should really do the same thing every time we have them write down t - "why t* instead of z*?". This way, we have plenty of opportunities to discuss that we are estimating two values (mean and standard deviation) instead of just one. 

  • Make sure the homework includes a variety of additional displays. We want the students going back to Unit 1 when we shows dotplots, stemplots, boxplots, and histograms to think about how we could use all these displays to check conditions. 

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