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New for 2023: AP Daily - Practice Sessions for AP Statistics

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

For the past two years, the College Board has released end-of-year review videos aimed at helping students prepare for the AP exam. These videos were called AP Daily: Live Review and are still available on YouTube and in AP Classroom. Each review session was around 45 minutes and included content tips, AP exam tips, and practice questions.

When students provided feedback for these videos, the message was crystal clear. They wanted shorter review sessions and more practice questions. So all new for 2023, the College Board will be releasing the new video series AP Daily: Practice Sessions.

What is AP Daily: Practice Sessions?

Here are the QuickNotes

  • Each video will be around 15 minutes, with a laser focus on practice multiple choice and free response questions.

  • All questions used in the videos are from previous AP Exams or College Board released materials.

  • There will be eight videos, with the first four being led by Stats Medic Luke Wilcox and the next four led by AP Stats legend Daren Starnes.

  • Sessions 1 - 4 will be released on YouTube and AP Classroom on April 17 and sessions 5 - 8 will be released on April 24.

  • Each session will have a downloadable pdf of the questions. These documents will become available on YouTube and AP Classroom as soon as the videos are released.

  • The intention is that students try these problems first before watching the videos.

Session 1: MCQ Practice Units 1 - 5. Session 1 handout.

Session 2: FRQ Practice - Probability. Session 2 handout.

Session 3: FRQ Practice - Sampling. Session 3 handout.

Session 4: FRQ Practice - Multi-focus. Session 4 handout.

Session 5: MCQ Practice Units 6 - 9. Session 5 handout.

Session 6: FRQ Practice - Inference. Session 6 handout.

Session 7: FRQ - Investigative Task. Session 7 handout.

Session 8: FRQ - Investigative Task. Session 8 handout.

How to Use AP Daily: Practice Sessions in Your Classroom

Option 1: Do the practice questions and videos in class.

Once the videos are published on April 17, there will also be a link to download a pdf of the questions. Make copies for students and give them class time to try the problems first. Then watch the videos as a whole class so that students can check their work.

Option 2: Assign the practice questions for homework. Watch the videos in class.

Print the pdf of the questions and give to students as a homework assignment. Watch the video for those questions in the first 15 minutes of class the next day.

Option 3: Have students do the practice questions and videos at home.

In this scenario, students have the option of printing the pdfs or they can pause the videos each time a new question is presented, try the problem on their own, then hit "play" to check their work.

Need More Practice Questions?

The Stats Medic Review Course has hundreds of multiple choice and free response questions that cover all the content needed for the AP Stats exam. Students get immediate feedback as they work through questions and the course even includes specific videos explaining the rubrics that are used to grade the free response questions on the AP Exam.

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Unknown member
Apr 28, 2023

I am doing this and we could really use a key. Lots of students are strong enough that they dont really need the videos often and they are a pain to check since they are videos...anyone have keys?


Unknown member
Apr 12, 2023

Do you know what time the videos will be released? At midnight or later in the day?

Also, any chance you could share a copy of the handout a day or two before the videos are released? I would love to have paper copies ready to use in my class on the 17th, but will be EOC testing that morning until my stats class starts.

I'm so excited to see these new resources! :)


Mar 27, 2023

Could you post a list of the FRQ's that will be used, so to avoid overlap with our review with students?

Luke Wilcox
Luke Wilcox
Mar 28, 2023
Replying to
  • Session 1 (MC): 2016 International #4, 2019 CED #7, 2007 #20, 2007 #36, 2007 #26, 2016 International #5

  • Session 2 (FRQ): 2022 #3, 2016 #4

  • Session 3 (FRQ): 2022 #2, 2016 #3

  • Session 4 (FRQ): 2022 #5, 2021 #5

  • Session 5 (MC): 2019 CED #10, 2014 International #13, 2010 CED #15, 2019 CED #9, 2015 International #34, 2016 International #11

  • Session 6 (FRQ): 2022 #4, 2014 International #3

  • Session 7 (FRQ): Investigative Task AP Classroom

  • Session 8 (FRQ): 2022 #6


Mar 20, 2023

Will the practice questions be different than the ones used in the SM Review Course?

Luke Wilcox
Luke Wilcox
Mar 20, 2023
Replying to

Yes! All the questions in the AP Daily - Practice Sessions videos are released College Board questions (from released exams or AP Classroom). All the questions in the SM Review Course were developed specifically for the Review Course.

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