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Significance Tests for a Mean

Chapter 8 - Day 8 - Lesson 8.6

Learning Targets
  • Use the four-step process to perform a significance test about a population mean.  

  • Use a confidence interval to draw a conclusion about a two-sided test for a population mean.

Activity: Should Flint switch to bottled water?
Answer Key:

We live in Michigan so the Flint water crisis is something our students were very aware of and concerned about.  If your students are unfamiliar with the situation you could show a news clip about the water crisis to start the lesson.  Yesterday in lesson 8.5, students learned all the pieces for conducting a significance test for a mean.  Today they will put them together in the four-step process.  Students can work through the activity without teacher input.

Teaching Tip:

We kept the Flint water crisis context consistent with lesson 8.2 because we taught it after lesson 8.6 the second year we taught this.  This really helped students to understand error better because the consequences of the error was obvious and tangible.

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