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Quiz 6.4 to 6.6

Chapter 6 - Day 9

As discussed with the first quiz, we chose to keep sample proportions and sample means together for the second quiz.  Sample proportions and sample means are fairly simple to differentiate as long as students know what key words and symbols to look for.  You should have a question on this quiz that asks students to identify if a scenario is describing a sample count, proportion or mean.  This would help them prepare for the test when all 3 types will be on one assessment.

The only area students struggled with was the interpretation of the standard deviation.  It’s important that students understand that an entire sample proportion or mean is varying, not just one person.  Consider using a sentence template for interpreting standard deviation in this chapter:

“The sample ____________ (count, proportion, or mean) of ____________ (sample size in context) typically varies by _______ (standard deviation value) from the true _______ (mean or proportion) of _______ (value).”


We use sentence templates often with interpretations.  Students are not required to use them, but for many students they are helpful.

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