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Chapter 6 Review

Chapter 6 - Day 11

Activity: Reese's Pieces
Answer Key:

***Warning: If you start eating Reese’s Pieces in 1st hour, you will not want to see another Reese’s piece again by time you get to 4th hour.  We know this from experience. Beware the deliciousness of Reese’s.***


Today’s review activity covers all three types of sampling distributions from this chapter.  Groups will begin by getting some Reese’s pieces and gathering data.  Once all of the class data has been reported on the dotplots on the board, check in to make sure that all students have the correct titles on their dotplots.  From this point on, the remainder of the activity can be completed outside of class and individually if the groups don’t finish within the hour.


Having done so much group work and activities this year, we’ve learned how to make activities run as smooth as possible.  One key to that is setting up materials in advance.  Try to get everything totally ready before class so that you can keep students moving efficiently.  You will need Reese’s pieces, small containers or cups to put them in, and scales for weighing them.  Each group will need 30 Reese’s pieces.  We use small Dixie cups and fill one for each group.  This is way more than 30 pieces so we have the students count out 30 of them and then they can eat the rest.  Students are going to have to weigh the 30 pieces so have scales set up around the room to avoid a cluster of students in one area.  You may want to tell the students to only send one person from their group to do this.  To find the mean weight of a Reese’s piece, students should weigh the 30 pieces (make sure not to include the weight of the cup) and divide by 30.  Lastly, you need to set up dotplots on the board for students to plot their data.  Be conscience of the scales you use.  For the sampling distribution of the sample weight (#3), we used a scale ranging from 0.790 to 0.810 grams going up by 0.002 grams.

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