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Review Book or the Stats Medic Online Review Course?

Updated: Mar 2

In the first ten years teaching AP Statistics, we tried all the review books – Kaplan, Barron's, Princeton Review, 5 Steps to a 5, and more. While all of them have really great content review and practice questions, we always struggled to get 100% buy-in from our students. We decided it was time to modernize the review book and move the AP Exam review online. As we made this move away from the review book, we asked our own students what they thought about this idea. Here is what they told us:

  • Students prefer a mix of digital and print. The Stats Medic Review Course has 30+ instructional videos. Each video comes with printable skeleton notes to keep students focused.

  • Students want immediate feedback. Multiple choice questions in the Stats Medic Review course are graded as soon as they are submitted, with thorough explanations for the correct answer. Free response questions include rubrics and videos going through the rubrics.

  • Not just content and answers, but explanations and insight. It's one thing to see a rubric for a free response question, but much better to hear an experienced AP Exam grader take you through it step-by-step. The Stats Medic Review Course also contains over 100 specific AP Exam tips.

  • Videos must be short. Students struggle to hold attention for a half-hour lecture. All the videos in the Stats Medic Review Course are 5 - 8 minutes long.

  • Students hate carrying books and love their phones. The Stats Medic Review Course has been designed to be very phone friendly, so students always have it with them (because they never part with their phones).

Cool...but how much work will it be to switch?

In our years of teaching, we have seen many online resources come and go. And every time a new one arrives, we wonder how much work it will be to get it figured out. You may have wondered this same thing when considering the move away from a traditional review book to the Stats Medic Online AP Exam Review. Check out this video and summary to see how easy it really is to use the Review Course.


  • Find email from Lindsey titled “Instructions for Stats Medic Review Course”

  • Follow the teacher link provided in the email.

  • Set up a new account. This is a different account than your Stats Medic account.

  • Follow the instructions in the email to invite students to your cohort.


  • (1) Use class time for the Stats Medic Review Course.

  • (2) Assign the Stats Medic Review Course as homework.

  • (3) Have students use the Review Course as an optional support.

Check out these pacing guides for doing the Review Course in 1, 2, 3, or 4-week time periods.



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