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Students...have these resources ready for the 2020 AP Stats Exam!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Students, this post is for you!

The AP Statistics exam is this Friday at 2 pm Eastern. And for the first time ever, it's OPEN NOTES!

You, no doubt, have tons and tons of notes from throughout school year. You don't want to spend your valuable test time searching through a giant pile of papers. We'd recommend you narrow down your notes before the exam to the parts that will get you the most bang for your buck.

So which resources will be most helpful for you?

It will be different for each student depending on your strengths, but check out the list below for a good place to start!

1. Your skeleton notes from the Stats Medic Review Course

These notes were specifically designed to cover the most important topics only. Also, the included AP Exam Tips will be great to help with last-minute reminders.

2. Review Pages and Cheat Sheets

We often used these as a unit summary when learning inference. If you didn't do these this year, feel free to use ours!

Make sure you are using the linked 2020 version, which is different than the version used in previous years.

4. Your GRADED work on the Stats Medic 2020 Practice AP Exam

If you're going to have this out as a reference during the exam, make sure it is all correct. After taking the practice exam, spend time marking up your work in a different color pen using the answer key. Drawing attention to the mistakes you made on the practice exam can save you from making those same mistakes again.

5. Your charged calculator

The College Board has made it clear that you won't need a fancy calculator for this exam, but it can't hurt to have yours ready.

Last-minute reminders

  • Before Friday, practice uploading your responses using this demo.

  • If you are using an iPhone to take a picture of your written work, be sure that "Live" mode is turned off (photos must be saved as JPEGS, not HEICs.

  • If you are typing your responses, consider printing this Keyboarding Tip Sheet.

  • Be sure to log on 30 minutes before the start of the exam.

  • If you have trouble submitting a response during the AP Exam, you will get a message to send your response through email. This option was NOT available last week, but will be for all exams this week.


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