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Stats Medic Practice Exam 2020

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

In the years past, we have almost always had students take a full length practice exam. Students come in on a Saturday morning, sit for a grueling 3 hours to take the exam, eat some Hot-N-Ready pizza, and then go on their way. We would then spend class time on Monday and Tuesday going over and grading the exam.

We want to do the same for this year, with two really big changes. First, the 2020 exam is only 45 minutes and students will be taking it at home. Second, the practice exam has to be administered remotely (ok three changes...there will be no pizza this year). So here is the plan:

Create a Practice Exam

We wanted to create a practice exam that was specifically designed to fit all of the constraints of the 2020 AP Exam:

  • 25 minutes for FRQ #1 + 15 minutes for FRQ #2

  • Each question will assess students over multiple content areas.

  • The exam will cover content from each of the units in the CED (Units 1 - 7).

  • Questions will be written so that students can complete them without the use of a statistical calculator.

  • There will be no Investigative Task

After several hours of blueprinting and diagramming and some helpful feedback from several awesome AP Stats teachers, here is the Stats Medic 2020 Practice Exam (this was presented by Luke on YouTube on May 4).

Download the Practice Exam: DOCX / PDF

Administer the Exam Synchronously

We really want our students to experience the pressure of the time restriction and to have the practice of uploading their completed answers, so we decided to do this as an asynchronous session with our students.

In this session, we will review with students the three ways they can take and submit their answers (copy and paste, submit a Word doc, or take a picture of their work). We will then use the timers in the PowerPoint to simulate the experience of the real exam. We will even have students submit their answers into a Dropbox folder (or you could use Google Drive). Make sure that when each timer reaches 5:00 minutes remaining, you instruct students to stop working and to start uploading their answers.

Download the Powerpoint: PPT

Going Over The Exam

Once students have completed the exam, it is time to see how they did. Here are two options of how you might do that:

1. You grade them. Students submitted their answers to you, so you could go through and grade them just as you might have done if we were in school. This would give you the opportunity to give each student individualized feedback.

2. Have students self-assess using an answer key. In this video, Luke goes through the model solution for each question and talks about what would be needed for full credit.

We didn't create an official rubric for this practice exam because we don't quite know how this will all work with the modified 2020 exam, but it seems reasonable that each part would be graded as E (essentially correct), P(partially correct), or I (incorrect).

Download the Answer Key: PDF

Need More Practice Exams?

This AP Stats Community is super lucky to have so many great teachers willing to share their resources.

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3 comentários

Luke Wilcox
Luke Wilcox
19 de mai. de 2020

Anat....yes students can ignore the chi-square and linear regression test on the chart for 2020.


Anat Tour
Anat Tour
19 de mai. de 2020

Thank you for all you do! For the Name That Significance Test chart, we never got to cover Chi Square or Linear Regression test. Why does your chart have those on the 2020 version? Should I remove those or tell my students to ignore it?


Mike McCall
11 de mai. de 2020

Once again, Stats Medic rocks. Deeply appreciate how hard you two work to support the entire AP Stats Community!

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