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Barbie Bungee Finale

Chapter 3 - Day 10

Learning Targets
  • Review all Learning Targets from Chapter 3
Activity: Barbie Bungee Finale

Before class you will need to find a location in the school where you can have Barbie do a bungee jump. Measure the height of the jumping platform from the ground. 

The Barbie Bungee context has come up several times throughout Chapter 3. This is the activity where it all comes together. Students work together to answer all of the questions on the activity before finally making their prediction for the number of rubber bands that will give Barbie the most thrilling jump. The great thing about this context is that we can review almost every single learning target within this context.

One final detail which we decided to ignore for this activity. Throughout the chapter, students were using the number of rubber bands as the explanatory variable and the distance travelled as the response variable. Today they are predicting the number of rubber bands based on the distance travelled. To be mathematically correct, we should switch the x and y variables and then have students find a new LSRL and then use that to make predictions. But because the data tends to be so strongly linear, the estimates using the LSRL with x = # of rubber bands end up being very close to the predictions being made using the LSRL with x = distance travelled.

To best measure how close Barbie gets to the floor, have students stand below the drop site holding meter sticks. Then use the slow motion video option on a phone to take videos. You can pause or screen shot the results to show students. We took Barbie down to the staircase and let her fly! Check out the pictures to see how they did! Spoiler: Some Barbies didn’t make it out alive!

Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 8.54.39 AM.png
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