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Chapter 4 Test

Chapter 4 - Day 13

Start Here
Questions to be Sure to Include
  • One question where students have to describe how to take a random sample or how to do a random assignment.

  • Several scenarios where bias is present.  Have them identify the reason for the bias and whether the estimate will tend to be an overestimate or underestimate of the true population value.

  • A question where students have to outline and describe an experiment, then think about why blocking might be appropriate.

  • A question which asks students to explain what it means to be statistically significant (in the context of a problem.)

  • At least one old AP question.  There are many to choose from and they are very accessible for students after completing this chapter.

Tips to Give Your Students
  • Close reading and careful writing are critical to your success this year.

  • Be sure to answer all parts of each question.

  • If you are struggling to remember a concept, always to back to the context of the Activity where you learned the idea:

  • Be comfortable drawing an outline for a randomized experiment and be able to discuss each part.

  • Study your vocabulary!  There is no math on this test.

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