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Quiz: Lesson 1.3

Chapter 1 - Day 8

Most of the work on this quiz revolved around constructing a boxplot from a five-number summary.  When using the 1.5 IQR rule, students should be showing their calculations. The data was presented in a dotplot and also in a list.  We really like having students see multiple representations of the same data set.  Students needed to explain what measures of center and variability they would use to describe the data according to the shape of the distribution.

This quiz also covered standard deviation.  We had students calculate the standard deviation for a small data set by hand, but going forward using their calculators will be fine.  We think it’s important that students calculate it by hand a few times to help them to develop a deeper understanding of the concept and the interpretation. We also gave students 3 different dotplots and had them rank the standard deviations from least to greatest (an AP Exam favorite!).

Students worked on a review assignment after they completed the quiz.

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