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Lesson Plans for CED Unit 9: Inference for Slope

Updated: Sep 12

We made it! The final unit for AP Statistics. This is a very short unit, but provides students an excellent review of two-variable data, which they haven't seen for a very long time. The inference part of this unit should be easy, as we have spent the entire second semester doing confidence intervals and significance tests.

Lesson Plans for CED Unit 9

Inference for Slope

Lessons 12.3 in TPS 6e UPDATE

Day 1: Sampling Distribution of Slopes (Lesson 12.3 Day 1)

Day 2: Confidence Intervals for Slope (Lesson 12.3 Day 2)

Day 3: Significance Tests for Slope (Lesson 12.3 Day 3)

Day 4: Quiz 12.3

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU MADE IT! Now start planning your AP Exam Review!

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