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Four-Step Practice for Significance Tests

Chapter 9 - Day 9

Learning Targets
  • Use the four-step process to perform a significance test about a population population.

  • Use the four-step process to perform a significance test about a population mean.

Activity: Four-Step Practice Significance Tests
Ch. 9 Study Sheet

Chapter 9 Study Sheet

This one-page document will allow students to put all the important formulas and conditions from Chapter 9 all into one place. Once completed, consider asking the following two questions:

"What is the same for proportions and means?"

  • Random condition

  • General formula

  • one-sample

"What is different for proportions and means?"

  • notation

  • Large Counts vs. Normal/Large Sample condtition

  • z tests statistic vs. t test statistic

  • Specific formula

  • Name of the procedures

  • How to find P-value

Four-Step Whiteboard Critique

This is a teaching strategy that we will use several times during the next few chapters. Here is how it works:

  1. Assign students a 4-step problem to work on in pairs.

  2. Monitor the room to support student learning. As each pair finishes, send them to the white board to write up 1 of the steps STATE, PLAN, DO, or CONCLUDE. The first two pairs should handle the PLAN and the DO because they take the longest to write up.

  3. Once all 4 steps are on the board, call the class back together as a group. Ask them to critique the solution on the board as if it were a quiz or test question. Make any revisions with a red marker. This is your opportunity to make clear your expectations for a 4-step problem on an assessment.

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