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Helping Teachers Get Results

Get ahead of the curve with our AP Exam Review Courses, taught by high school teachers Lindsey Gallas, Luke Wilcox, and Sarah Stecher. In their tenure at East Kentwood High School, Lindsey, Luke, and Sarah have helped countless students tackle AP Exams with an amazing success rate. Much of this student success is the result of a proper AP Exam Review, which has now been packaged here to help your students prepare for their AP Exam. Informed by many years of grading the official AP Exams, you can trust this comprehensive, online course to give your students
the confidence to dominate their AP exam.

Sign up a whole class or a whole school

Review includes

  • 25+ Instructional videos reviewing the entire AP curriculum.

  • Guided student notes to go with every video.

  • AP Exam Tips that will help your students maximize their scores.

  • Practice multiple choice questions for each unit, with immediate feedback.

  • Practice free response questions for each unit, with instructions on how to grade using a rubric.

  • Full Practice Exam

Bonus features

  • Closed captioning for all videos

  • The entire course optimized for mobile devices

  • Strategy videos to give your students an edge on the exam

  • Special resources designed to help your students review an entire year's worth of learning


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