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How Teachers are Using the Stats Medic Video Subscription

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The Stats Medic video subscription gives you and your students access to a video for every AP Stats lesson for the whole year. Each asynchronous video has Lindsey or Luke taking students through the lesson as if they were in their own classroom.

We wondered how teachers are using the Stats Medic video subscription, so we asked them for some feedback. Here is what they said:

1. To prepare for teaching the lessons

I'm a first year AP Stats teacher, so I'll be using the subscription to review the material and make sure I'm giving the students correct and complete information!

So many of us did not have the proper college coursework to prepare us to teach AP Statistics. The videos allow teachers to review the content of AP Statistics, but also to learn which topics are emphasized by the College Board and the AP Exam.

2. To flip the classroom

I am going to flip my classroom about half the time. My students have expressed the desire to practice what they are learning more in class.

Maybe you are looking for more class time to work on released AP Exam questions or practice multiple choice. Maybe you are behind schedule and need to pick up a few days. The videos allow students to learn valuable content even when they aren't in your class.

3. To support remote, absent, or struggling students

I post a link to the videos after I go through the lesson with my students. It is for any absent students, as well as students who may just want to hear a concept explained again.

With access to the videos, remote and absent students don't have to get behind. They can have a very similar experience to what happens in class and be ready to learn the day they come back. Struggling students can also use the videos to review, pausing and re-watching as needed.

4. To help a substitute teacher if you are absent

I am a coach who misses class 10 - 15 times per year due to my coaching obligations. Last year I often used the videos on the days I was out.

A substitute teacher can use the video in class with students, pausing the video at the right time to allow students to work in groups as usual. Luke or Lindsey will take the students through all the parts of the lesson: Activity, Debrief of the Activity, Important Ideas, and the Check Your Understanding.

5. To finish a lesson when you run out of time

If I don’t have time to debrief after the Check Your Understanding, I recommend that students watch the video.

A fire drill in the middle of class. An activity that takes longer than expected. Shortened class periods because of a pep rally. There are always days when you can't quite get through the entire lesson. Share the video with students so they can finish the lesson at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share the videos with students?

Once you and your students have accounts, you will simply share the link for the page that contains the video. This link can be posted in Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, etc.

Can I preview the videos before purchasing?

Yes! All the videos from Chapter 1 are free to preview. You can even share these with students to see if this resource is helpful for them.

How do I purchase?

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