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End of Year Project

A great way to finish the course!

Are you looking for a fun way to finish the school year? A project that will allow students to use all of the fancy statistics that they learned during the year, but with data that they find interesting? We suggest having your students come up with their own statistical questions! Here are some examples:

  • Is Coke from a bottle better than Coke from a can?

  • Which is faster? Delivery or Digiorno?

  • Does music affect memory?

  • Is there an association between team payroll and winning in the NBA?

  • Are double stuffed Oreos really "double" stuffed?

For even more ideas, go here. We suggest showing your students several of these posters to get them started thinking about their own question.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are including a proposal form to help students brainstorm. We highly suggest that this must be completed and approved by the teacher before the group can collect any data. ​

We suggest spending one whole day on the proposal, then giving students 3-4 work days, and then having a presentation day. We like doing a round-robin gallery walk, where each student gets to see the work of their fellow students. 

Activity: Intro Stats Final Project
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