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YouTube Live Lessons Now Cover the Whole Curriculum

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, the College Board made the quick decision that AP Exams for 2020 would still be administered. They also realized that teachers and students were going to need some additional resources in order to prepare for exams. Thus, Advanced Placement YouTube Live was born, where AP students could spend a full virtual school day working on lessons with real AP teachers. For AP Statistics, Stats Medic Luke Wilcox, along with Maine-native Brendan Murphy shared the teaching responsibilities.

What is the Goal of the YouTube Live Videos?

The goal was to cover the entire curriculum of the College Board Course and Exam Description (CED) in a way that would help students prepare for the AP Exam. Each lesson was live on YouTube, but is now saved and should always be available on YouTube. Lessons are about 45 minutes each and provide a clear and concise explanation of what students need to know for each Unit.

How Can I Use the YouTube Live Videos

1. Supplementing the Stats Medic AP Exam Review Course.

Our students say they really appreciate the short length of the videos in the Review Course (4 - 8 minutes), but there are some topics where they want more help (duh, probability). For each unit in the Review Course, we provide students with optional links to these YouTube videos (using the Notes feature), so they can get extra help on the topics where they need it.

2. Teaching Remotely

Let's hope that in the fall we are all back to face-to-face instruction with our students, but the possibility remains that some teachers might be doing remote AP Statistics instruction. These videos could be used to supplement any instruction being done remotely.

3. Helping Absent Students

A student who misses class obviously misses out on the Experience part of the lesson, but will still be responsible for knowing the content. Besides pointing them to a section of the textbook, you could send them a link to the YouTube Live video that covers the content they missed.

Are All The Videos Done?

The first 28 videos are now complete and cover all of Units 1 - 9 (remember Units 8,9 are not on the 2020 Exam). With all the content now completed, here is the schedule for the remaining two weeks of the YouTube Live videos:

  • April 27 - May 1: General AP Exam Review Strategies and Activities

  • May 4 - 8: Practice Exam Questions

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