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What are the Best Ways to Use AP Daily Videos?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The College Board just released Unit 2 of the AP Daily Videos and is planning to stay out in front of the content that AP Stats teachers are teaching this year. So, how should we be using these videos to help support our students' learning?

What is AP Daily?

The AP Daily videos are short 5 - 9 minute videos found in AP Classroom that cover all of the content in the AP Statistics course. By the end of the year, there will be a diverse group of 8 AP Statistics teachers from around the country that will have created videos for AP Daily. Most often, the videos present content within some context, rather than simply stating formulas and definitions. Whether you are teaching in-person or online, these videos are intended to be a supplement to what you are already doing with students (and not a replacement for what you do with students!)

How Can We Use AP Daily?

  1. As a warm-up. Teachers could assign students to watch these videos the night before learning the content in class. This would provide students with some basic knowledge of the content that would help them to be successful in the lesson the next day.

  2. To summarize a lesson. The videos could be part of a homework assignment after the content has been taught in class. This gives students an opportunity to solidify their learning from class and sets them up to be able to apply their learning.

  3. As a review at the end of a chapter. The videos are short enough that students could watch all of them the night before the test, or even better, watch the videos for the content where they need the most help.

So far, we have opted for strategy #3. We have been offering them up to students as an optional support, rather than a required assignment. This way, students can spend time and energy with the content that they decide on.

Extra Details

  • Teachers have the option of assigning the videos to students. Simply click on the video, and then click the "Assign"button in the upper right corner. Teachers then have the ability to see which students have viewed the video (students must view 95% of the video for it to be counted as completed).

  • When clicking the "Assign" button, you will also get a URL that you can use to share the video with students. The URL can be pasted in Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, etc.

Which AP Daily Videos Should I Assign for Each Stats Medic Lesson?

Good luck as you figure out the best ways to utilize this new resource!

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