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Updated: Jan 25

For several years now, the only way to get Stats Medic swag was to visit us at a workshop or a conference. We gave away stickers and buttons to our online workshop participants, t-shirts in Palm Springs (if you had the password), and sunglasses for our Summer Campers.

We continue to get requests to make these goodies available by selling Stats Medic merchandise online. This feels totally weird to us, as we are not trying to become the next Nike or Ralph Lauren - we are trying to help teachers make great learning experiences for students. Well...we think we found a solution:

100% of Merchandise Profits --> Student Scholarships

We are so proud to teach at East Kentwood High School, the #1 most diverse public high school in the state of Michigan. Not only are our students culturally diverse, but they are also very socioeconomically diverse. Every year, we have Seniors that graduate who are academically ready for college, but not financially ready. We also know these students exist in your classrooms as well. To try and help support these students, we will be offering two scholarships each spring:

  • The Stats Medic Fund Your Future Scholarship (East Kentwood High School)

  • The Stats Medic Fund Your Future Scholarship (General Public)

In order to be eligible, the student must be in financial need and interested in a career that requires a good understanding of statistics (this includes math teachers!) In May, we will review the applicants and announce a winner. 100% of the profits from merchandise sales will go towards these scholarships.

Nominate one of your students using this form (students can also nominate themselves!)

Now go check out our Merch Booth and buy some swag!!!

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