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New to Teaching AP Stats? Start Here.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

It's the end of the school year and the administration is working diligently to get the schedule ready for next year. You are hoping to have the same preps again next year as you just got all your Geometry and Algebra 2 lessons dialed in (maybe using Math Medic). And then you get your teaching schedule for next year:

AP Statistics

What??? You try to remember back to the one statistics class you took in college and the anxiety starts to overwhelm you. You don't feel confident about knowing the content, let alone about best practices for teaching the content.

Take a breath...we got you covered!

We have been through a similar scenario, and ultimately this is the reason we started Stats Medic. We wanted to create a place where AP Stats teachers had all the resources and support they need for their journey into teaching this amazing course. So here is what we have to help you get started:

The lessons in our 150 Days of AP Stats cover everything in the College Board CED and can be used with all the major textbooks. Every lesson has:

  • A printable classroom activity for students

  • A teacher answer key with important talking points

  • A blog post with teaching tips based on our many years of using these lessons

Pacing Guides

The schedule for each unit is given, so you know exactly how long to spend on each topic. These pacing guides are based on exactly what we do with our own students at East Kentwood High School. Also, here are some tips if you will be teaching on a block schedule.

Support for You As a New Teacher

(1) We highly suggest you take one of our AP Statistics online (APSO) workshops in preparation for teaching AP Stats. In this workshop, you will increase your confidence with the content of AP Stats, but also learn about how to best prepare students for success on the AP Exam.

(2) During the school year, we send an email every Sunday with links to resources, teaching strategies, and new blog posts. Stay in the loop with everything that is AP Statistics. Join the mailing list at the bottom of this page. If you are brand new to AP Stats, fill out this form to get special updates that are specific for first year AP Stats teachers.

(3) Join the Stats Medic Teacher Community on Facebook. Join the thousands of teachers in this group who are using Stats Medic lessons in their own classrooms. Honestly, this is an incredibly supportive group of human beings.

Stats Medic Top Resources

We will leave you with some of our favorite resources to explore

  1. Stats Medic Desmos Collection - Over 50 Desmos activities to supplement your instruction.

  2. Stats Medic AP Daily Skeleton Notes - Fill-in-the-blank notes for every video in AP Classroom.

  3. Stats Medic Video Subscription - Luke or Lindsey takes students through every lesson.

  4. Stats Medic AP Exam Online Review Course - The best way for students to prepare for the AP Exam!

  5. Stats Medic AP Stats Flash Cards - Use them throughout the year or to prep for the AP Exam.

  6. Stats Medic Teacher Community on Facebook - Amazing, supportive teachers who use Stats Medic.

  7. Stats Medic blog posts - Keep up-to-date on everything AP Stats.

  8. Stats Medic Workshops - Learn best practices from Lindsey and Luke

  9. Applets for statistical analysis - Make graphs of do formal inference. Better than a calculator.

  10. Released College Board FRQs organized by content - Add these questions to your quizzes/tests.

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