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New Collaborative Applets!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Many of you know how much we love the dotplot here at Stats Medic. After all, a simulation based approach to teaching statistics absolutely requires it. So many of our lessons have students collecting data and then combining their results with their classmates' results. In class, we have students write their result on a sticker dot and bring it to the poster at the front of the room.

When we realized we would be teaching students online, we were devastated. How will we make our dotplot posters? After several months of development, we have a solution.

Many of you have been using the STAPPLET applets for a long time, but they have now been modified to be collaborative. As the teacher, you create a class code, share it with your students, and away you go. Be sure to click "Enable data collection" to start and "Pause data collection" when you are done.

If we can do this for collecting one-variable data, why not for two-variable data? With this applet, students can collaborate to create a class scatterplot.


This might just be the most famous statistics lesson on the Internet (thanks Doug Tyson!) Use it on day 1 of the class or as a great way to introduce significance testing. Lesson plan and blog post are here

Does Beyonce Write Her Own Lyrics?

Use this lesson to introduce the simple random sample (SRS) as the best sampling method when looking for unbiased estimates. Lesson plan and blog post are here

Explore many sampling methods - including SRS, stratified, cluster, and systematic random samples. Lesson plan and blog post are here

Hope you enjoy the new applets!

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