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Name That Significance Test - 2020 AP Exam Edition

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

We're getting into the end of the school year, and just like every other year, we are trying to get our students ready for the AP Statistics Exam. But unlike every other year, we are are preparing students for a much different AP Stats exam. Traditionally, we know we can expect one of the free response questions to be a full significance test. This year, since there will only be two questions on the exam, we think it is unlikely that one will be a full significance test (we would love it if there was...our students do great on these!) But since so much content must be assessed in just two questions, it is more likely that significance tests will be a one or two parts of a question and not the whole thing.

That being said, it is still EXTREMELY important that students know how to choose the right significance test based on the information given in the problem. How do you choose the right test? We have some great strategies to help you pick the right one.

This video is part of the official Stats Medic AP Stats Exam Review Course. Download the flowchart from this video:

Activity: Name That Significance Test

Activity : DOCX / PDF

Since the exam is open note this year, encourage your students to have a copy of this chart accessible on the day of the exam.

Stats Medic Significance Test Flowchart

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