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Lesson Plans for CED Unit 5: Sampling Distributions

Updated: Sep 12

All right, here we go! We're heading into uncharted territory for Luke and Lindsey. Time to throw out the known path and walk into the Wild Wild West of instructional sequencing. As we discussed in the previous blog post, second semester we're going to be making some pretty substantial changes to the order of topics taught to reflect the changes made to the AP Statistics Course and Exam Description (CED).

The first unit of the second half of the course is Unit 5: Sampling Distributions. If you're using The Practice Of Statistics, this would be Chapter 7 for you. The main change here is that we will be covering sampling distributions for one sample AND two samples (whhhhaaaatttt? In one chapter?? No way!). Which may sound crazy, but it's not actually a huge deal. We've added in two new lessons to our current unit on sampling distributions, and we're good to go.

Oh and those two new lessons, they were written by two of our fave Summer Campers, Kelly Pendleton and Alana Braland! If you don't follow these two on Instagram yet, you should. They're the best! Send them a message and tell them how thankful you are that they made these lessons for us all!

If you are using TPS 4e, 5e, or Classic 6e and are not planning on following the sequence in the CED, you can simply use the sequence in our 150 Days of AP Stats. This sequence will cover everything in the CED (just in a slightly different sequence).

If you are using TPS 6e UPDATE or want to use the new sequence of topics in the CED, here is your plan:

Lesson Plans for Unit 5

Chapter 7 in TPS 6e UPDATE

Day 1: What is a Sampling Distribution? (TPS Lesson 7.1 Day 1)

Day 2: What is a Sampling Distribution? cont'd (TPS Lesson 7.1 Day 2)

Day 3: Quiz 7.1

Day 4: Sampling Distribution of a Sample Proportion (TPS Lesson 7.2 Day 1)

Day 5: Sampling Distribution of a Difference between Two Proportions (TPS Lesson 7.2 Day 2) NEW LESSON!

Day 6: Quiz 7.2

Day 7: Sampling Distribution of a Sample Mean (TPS Lesson 7.3 Day 1)

Day 8: The Central Limit Theorem (TPS Lesson 7.3 Day 2)

Day 9: Sampling Distribution of a Difference between Two Means (TPS Lesson 7.3 Day 3) NEW LESSON!

Day 10: Quiz 7.3

Day 11: Review

Day 12: Chapter 7 Test

Extra Resource: Unit 5 Sampling Distributions Review Chart We'll be filling out this chart throughout the chapter, but you could also use it at the end of the chapter for review.

So What's Next?

Now that students have a good understanding of sampling distributions, it is time for inference! Check out the lessons for Unit 6.

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